Scientific Program

08:30-10:00Session 1: The oocyte I
Zeev Shoham, Israel, Milton Leong, Hong Kong
08:30-09:00How small differences in dissolved oxygen in follicular fluid influence the developmental competence of the mature human oocyte at the molecular and plasmalemmal levels: Lessons from IVM, IVF and ICSI
Jonathan Vanblerkom, USA
09:00-09:30Making human oocytes from stem cells
Evelyn Telfer, UK
09:30-10:00Identification of maturation-specific proteins in human oocytes by single-cell proteomic
Irma Virant-Klun, Slovenia
10:00-10:30Coffee Break
10:30-11:30Session 2: AMH for what?
10:30-11:00New bio markers of ovarian reserve: AMH or nucleic acids what is the best?
Samir Hamamah, France
11:00-11:30Administration of Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) to prevents loss of ovarian reserve and protects fertility in chemotherapy treated mice
Dror Meirow, Israel
11:30-13:00Session 3: Special lectures: New development
11:30-12:00ART’S brave new world: The cat’s out of the bag… Newest unexpected discoveries in fundamental molecular, cell and reproductive biology
Gerald Schatten, USA
12:30-13:00Recent advances in endometrial receptivity diagnosis
Xavier Santamaría Costa, Spain
13:00-13:45Lunch Break
13:45-15:15Session 4: Ovarian reserve and aging
13:45-14:15Can we stop ovarian ageing?
Helen Picton, UK
14:15-14:45Establishment of the Ovarian Reserve: New Insights from basic science and their clinical implications
Humphrey Yao, USA
14:45-15:15Revisiting the ovarian stroma: More than a holding zone for the follicle
David Albertini, USA
15:15-15:45Coffee Break
15:45-17:45Session 5: Egg health
15:45-16:15Oocyte quality: Dysmorphic patterns and cytoskeletal alterations in human oocytes
Giovanni Coticchio, Italy
16:15-16:45Nothing more controversial than PGS
Norbert Gleicher, USA
16:45-17:15Differences in chromosome abnormalities in eggs and embryos between fertility centers
Santiago Munne, USA
17:15-17:45Maximizing successful implantation: TLI, PGS and AnxaV M2 haplotype
Simon Fishel, UK
 17:45Welcome Reception

08:30-10:45Session 6: Implantation
08:30-09:00How to make the best use of the natural cycle for frozen-thawed embryo transfer?
Ariel Weissman, Israel
09:00-09:30Direct correlation between serum Beta hCG level prior to egg retrieval and blastocyst formation. How come we have all missed it?
Matan Yemini, USA
09:30-10:00Searching for the optimal vehicle and dose of progesterone to support the luteal phase in ART
Herman Tournaye, Belgium
10:00-10:30Mini hCG for Luteal phase support- a more physiologic LPS for ART treatment
Robert Fischer, Germany
10:30-10:45The relationship between blastocyst inner cell mass size and pregnancy outcome
Sheila Fieldust, Israel
10:45-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:00Session 7: Embryonic health
11:00-11:30In vitro culture in the presence of amorphous calcium carbonate improves mice embryos compaction and hatching rates
Amir Arav, Israel
11:30-12:00Epigenetics effects from exposure toxicity of embryo’s
Kenneth S. Korach, USA
12:00-13:00Session 8: Rejuvenating the oocyte
12:00-12:30Mitochondria replacement strategies – When is it justified, and when NOT
Peter Braude, UK
12:30-13:00This strictly regulated mitochondrial genome
Justin St. John, Australia
13:00-13:45Lunch Break
13:45-14:15Session 9: Special lecture
13:45-14:15Human embryos break barriers
Ali Brivanlou, USA
14:15-16:45Session 10: Stimulation and ovulation
14:15-14:45Ovarian stimulation and inflammation, not always friends!
Marc-André Sirard, Canada
14:45-15:15Adjuvant rLH to rFSH therapy in GnRH analogue cycles: What do recent meta-analyses add-up to current understanding?
Johnny S. Younis, Israel
15:45-16:15The place for surgical treatment for PCOS
Gab Kovacs, Australia
16:15-16:45The prostaglandin transporter (PGT): A novel indispensable mediator of ovulation From basic research to clinical implications
Ariel Horwitz, Israel
16:45-17:00Coffee Break
17:00-18:30Session 11: IVM: Innovations in this field
17:00-17:30The current status IVM: Is there any need for the procedure?
Milton Leong, Hong Kong
17:30-18:00In vitro systems to support complete development of immature oocytes
Evelyn Telfer, UK
18:00-18:30Protein source in embryo culture media affects DNA methylation and gene expression at blastocyst stage
Pilar Coy, Spain
18:30Closing remarks